Improving your business through mobile channels...

Mobile communications have developed rapidly with the maturity of the smartphone processor, and movable communication devices are now a "front of mind and palm of hand" concern for most people. The power of usable information and actionable process is now a developed reality which has an undeniable inherent benefit for businesses that are looking for more ways to engage with a selected target market in a cost effective and beneficial manner.


Specialist in the following mobile solutions..

  • Responsive design
    This approach is usually applied to brand new digital channel builds and not to already existing websites. Responsive design is the method of creating your website so it reformat automatically for different screen sizes (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and mobile phones).

  • Application Development
    We have solid experience in Application Development for native devices weather you are looking for Android, iPhone or others... Native Applications can also be converted using unified tool sets depending on the complexity of your existing App.

  • Standard HTML Mobile Sites
    Very Easy to design and develop and a "quick win" way of getting your business mobile.

  • Layer Development
    A cool mobile tool that lets your audience see your service, products, locations within an augmented realty setting and allow them to visually interact with your chosen environment.

  • Location Based Services
    Advertise and appeal to your chosen audience or demographic when they are in a particular location of interest or leverage. Our developers are used to working with real time GPS, and location specific software.

  • Mobile business integration
    Are you looking to gather business beneficial data from your customers or a specific audience? Traffic can develop integrated solutions from mobile to your CRM tools or secure databases to allow you to gather and store marketing information.

Let's get started on moving your business marketing to a mobile channel to create more engagement with your customer
When considering developing or refining your digital channel approach it is not anymore just "fashionable" to nod your head to developing a mobile site. The competitive landscape has now developed to the extent you have to mark your mobile channel with as much concern and relevancy as you would do your main desktop website.