Search Engine Optimization is something that, if done well, can be the winning difference between you and your competition… Our SEO campaign focus on analyzing how your customers are searching to deliver maximum returns on your investment.

Welcome to our trusted SEO Service in Pakistan!

czone-star has Delivering SEO service in Karachi Pakistan we bring a new standard to the SEO industry by conducting great campaigns, in a safe way, with great results and no long contract tie-ins.


We focus on the right things

Most other SEO Agencies In the Pakistan focus too heavily on the wrong metrics such as rankings and traffic (we know what you’re thinking) … Of course rankings and traffic are extremely important metrics and are central to tracking the success of an SEO campaign! However, if you’re ranking highly for irrelevant, low-quality keywords and are getting a lot of traffic from them, would that really benefit your business? Probably not! We bring a unique approach to SEO Service In PAKISTAN by conducting detailed keyword research, providing regular and accurate reporting, delivering unbeatable service and campaign support and a maintaining a clear focus on what we feel is the most important metric of all.

With no lengthy contracts our clients choose to stay

Don’t Become a Victim to SEO Fraud!

All too often our team hears horror stories of businesses who’ve had their websites penalized and deleted from Google because of cheap, black-hat, and generally low quality SEO campaign. Or we hear tales of companies locked into unprofitable 12 month contracts with an SEO agency that isn’t performing well or which isn’t delivering any returns on the initial investment because of bad keyword selection. In these situations, the client is often forced into continuing to pay because of contractual obligations.
Why not avoid the potential of becoming yet another of the examples above by choosing to invest in the talented team here at czone-star? We can guarantee you a safe and transparent seo campaign that differentiates your business from your competitors without any long-term, “locked in” contracts. All we ask from our clients is they commit to working with us for 4 months. At this point we can then continue to work together based purely on your satisfaction with our SEO services and our excellent results. This just shows how confident we are that you’ll want to stay!

Still not convinced? Let the numbers do the talking…

  • There are over 100’s of million searches per day on Google.
  • 70%-80% of people ignore the paid ads and focus/click on the organic rankings.
  • Around 80% of people of people don’t click past the first page of Google results.
  • Over 80% of online inquires/purchases start with a search.
  • Search sends over 300% more traffic to websites than social media.
  • 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.